Picture this...

You're a filmmaker. You have made your short. However you have no money to finish it, nowhere to screen it, no access to qualified advice and worse yet, no damn chance to get someone in the industry to actually see your work.

We really want to give the opportunity to this talent, not as the answer, but as a hell of a leg up into the industry and a push forward in their career.

Every month, a filmmaker will have the opportunity to compete against novice, student and professional filmmakers alike. There's nothing like actually raising the bar and being treated as an equal in the eyes of the viewers as well as the Committee.

Is that it? Are you kidding? We said we are dedicated to providing every opportunity for the filmmaker, save writing a blank check. What are we talking about? We are talking about the power of networking. After and during the event, as a filmmaker as well as an industry rep, you get to mingle with other filmmakers and reps alike. This will fill a lot of missing links that filmmakers find while trying to make, finish or shop a film.

A director may connect with a good scriptwriter, a producer may connect with a distributor or investor, and of course anyone may connect with potential representation, especially if you made the final cut of 10 screened shorts that evening.
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